Family Films

Having digitalized your footage and photographs you may wish to start to share this with friends and family. I can help you create your own tailor-made family films. These are personal gifts with your own selected photograph and text printed directed onto the finished DVD(s). If you wish you can also get a film file for easy upload to social media and online sharing sites.

A little inspiration on different options avaliable to create your own ‘home movie’:

Past: Inspired by my Nan, this edited film takes you on a personal journey through an individual’s life. Footage and photographs are compiled in chronological order with music and/or digitalized recordings to bring families together in the present with stories from the past.

Present: I can edit any recent footage you have taken, whether on a mobile, tablet or digital camera. If you have clips of your children as they grow up why not add that to your selection of photographs and get me to edit it all together for you. I can add your chosen music and titles to make this a beautiful gift. I can also upload your film to share online.

Future: I also offer a filming/photography service so if you have a big event coming up or just fancy a fun photo shoot get in touch. After the shoot I can edit the footage or add the photos to your digital album.

Prices: As these are tailor-made packages to suit a variety of needs, quotes are done on an individual basis but as a guide prices per hour are:

Film and Photography: £25 per hour

Editing and Post Production: £20 per hour