Digital Transfers

For your digital transfers, often the first stage is getting out those tapes, albums and cassettes from their hiding place! You will be surprised by how many golden moments have been captured in there.  Here is where I can help – no matter what format old or new, I will be able to convert it for you.


I offer a direct VHS to DVD transfer. Videotapes of various formats are converted directly onto DVD. Whether you want to digitalise your professional archives or simply wish to save your family footage, Memorabeleah can preserve these precious memories for you.

PRICES: One VHS with up to 2 hours of footage is £15 with a £5 discount for any additional tapes

2 or more £10 each

One VHS with up to 3 hours of footage is £20 with a £5 discount for any additional tapes

2 or more £15 each

Cine film & Super 8 to DVD

As much as I love watching film, maybe the time has come to put away the projector and go digital.  I capture Cine Film and Super 8 in full quality. If you wish you can add music or just simply enjoy your silent movie on the big screen.


One 50-foot reel is £30 with a £5 discount for any additional reels.

50p per foot

Slides & Old Photos to DVD

Slides are amazing at retaining quality images but sharing them with friends is a hassle. Printed photos on the other hand degrade significantly over time. All images are scanned and enhanced, so they can be easily added to your digital photo album, slideshow or family film.


50 per slide/printed photograph (10% discount available for orders over 100)

Audio Cassettes to CD

Recorded over years cassettes hold some classic moments. Whether you recorded your children playing, your parents singing or just received that special mixed tape… Why not listen again or add them to your family film.


£10 per tape for direct copy to CD

See bespoke editing for audio enhancement

Other Services Available:

Mini DV & other camcorders to DVD

Mobile phone photos and movies to DVD

DVD to digital download