Bespoke Editing

I have an advanced editing studio with a variety of editing software including final cut, avid, motion, resolume, photoshop, audacity and file transfer software. This enables me to work with nearly every photo/film/audio format. Whether you have filmed on your mobile phone or your old cine camera I can edit your footage for you.

This is your chance direct your own film.

A simple option to consider is to edit your footage and photos chronologically. Watch your children grow up on the screen, tell a life story or romantic journey. Add music to fit the time and titles to introduce your film. Add subtitles to compliment the visuals/audio and note dates, places and people featured in your film.

You may just want to select some small sections from all your footage to be burned onto DVD and packaged as beautiful bespoke personalized gifts. No matter how simple or ambitious your aims are, I am happy to help. Give me a call to discuss you ideas and we can start to make something memorable.

Bespoke Editing, Family Films, Digital Transfers, Direct your own film